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re:Communication thru P5-A


I'm back again after some 6 weeks of hollidays in Asia (without HAM stuff 
this time :-(

On AMSAT-BB I see again these funny discussions.
I still don't understand why people are always complaining about large 
dishes and high power etc when talking about an P5 satellite.

When reading the .pdf file you can see that it is technical possible to get 
an signal from Mars to earth with reasonable signals. Like with AO40 it is 
true when you want an better downlink signal you need an larger dish 
When talking about EME, many amateurs are talking big stories about they 
LARGE antenna park. So I would say now we have another reason to build more 
larger antenna parks :-)

And talking about P5 like it is useless, this lets me think about the 
invention of the laser. First nobody know what to do with it. Now we can not 
without this invention. I am sure P5 will give lots of new data, that maybe 
can be used in future Mars missions :-)

And I also still believe in an P5-moon station .-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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