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RE: Lightning protection

Jamie Hall wrote:

I am designing and installing a fixed satellite antenna array on a short Rohn 25G tower.  What are the recommendations for this kind of setup taking into account 3 coax runs, 2 rotator cable runs and DC injection at the shack to power a downconverter?

Wayne replies:

I use Polyphaser stuff for my HF antennas/rotor and satellite antennas/rotors.  The antenna protectors are all DC-blocked, so I run separate wires to power preamps and downconverters.  I have 18 rotor connections, but only 16 connections on my Polyphaser rotor protectors, so I protect two rotor connections and several preamp, relay, and downconverter power wires with 18V MOV's that I bought at a hamfest.  Someday I'll buy another rotor protector and rearrange my grounding panel to make room for the additional rotor protector.

My ground system is very modest - only two 8-foot ground rods, but at least the grounding panel is only 4 feet from the ground rods.  My antennas are in the cone of protection of much taller trees, so I think it's okay for my situation.

I have not sustained any equipment damage, but the Chicago area gets far less lightning than the Southeastern U.S.  Since your HF antennas are already protected, you should know what to do.  Just add more antenna and rotor protectors on your grounding panel.  Use separate power wires to power preamps and converters, and treat those wires like rotor wires.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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