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Re: Could use some help

> James Miller (G3RUH) has the PLAN13 program in BASIC which includes squint
> calculations.
> http://www.amsat.org/amsat/articles/g3ruh/111.txt
> Being BASIC, if you want to convert it into a structured language with
> variables in local scope, it's a bit of work - I'm doing exactly that
> myself. The good news is that in so doing, I'm learning a great deal about
> how it works.

Hovard, thanks you for the point to the plan13 program. I was aware of it, but 
it not really helps me, as the coordinate systems I get from the sdp routine 
are different. So, for now I will do it without squint calculations. But as 
it is Open Source, I am hoping for a patch from someone who has the skills to 
add it ;-)

Thanks, Luc

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