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Re: OT: USB ports

At 11:41 AM 8/26/02 +1200, Alan W Leech wrote:

>The question is; can I use the USB ports as I would a com port? If so,
>what is the pinout for them? Can I plug a comport socket onto the pins?
>Sorry, that's three questions, but all related. ;-)

No way to use a USB port as a COM port directly , you must buy an adapter 
with all kinds of electronics in it, not a simple rewire job..sorry  It 
would be cheaper to buy PCI cards than the adapter not what you wanted to hear

>I usually use Baycom or Digicom modems for packet but I do have an old
>Tiny-2 TNC that I play with, from time to time, but it's a bit
>temperamental, like it's owner.
>BTW, at this stage I only use MS-DOS and MS-Windows 3.1! There is
>absolutely NO WAY I'll use a buggie 32bit Windoze system! I may try
>Linux in the near future, though.

Without Windows98 or higher your USB and PCI slots will be useless and they 
will likely not work with any DOS programs either.

You have  nice gift horse there but it will be of little use to you as is 
without a better operating system. Linux is a possibility but kiss DOS 
goodbye or go back to your old computer

Welcome to the new millennium

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