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Telm to Goddard

I am hoping someone else on the -bb will pipe up with the specifics you
need. I am on vacation in the bush in upper Mich and do not have the
software here.
There is a pgm module that you load when AO40Rcv is running. The pgm uploads
your blocks to Goddard. The server looks at incoming data and publishes the
one with a correct control record. It none exist, it will publish a failed
block. You then know that the system is still up. I put up to upload pgm
every time I gather telm for the archive.
Love to have you feeding....
Gunther Meisse

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> Gunther,
> I try to regularly receive the AO-40 tlm, using AO40rcv, whenever the
> satellite is in view from my QTH on the Oregon coast, and submit the files
> to the tlm archive. I was not aware that I could also be feeding it to
> Goddard for redistribution via the internet.
> Does the Goddard site take multiple feeds and select the one with least
> errors? And, is it of any use to anyone for me to feed Goddard, and if so,
> whats the IP and port. I'd be glad to provide a feed whenever I can. I get
> very good coverage from south through west where the Pacific Ocean is my
> horizon.
> 73,
> Ken, W7KKE CN75xa
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] AO-40 Telm Status
> Dave and others,
> One good source of information is the P3T software which collects it's
> from the Goddard Ham Club's server. The software shows all the status
> information you will need. It is available on the AMSAT Web site. You log
> into the Goddard server and they will download to the P3T program the
> telm live. Now, it is not always available, in that someone must be
> receiving the AO40 MB and feeding that data to the Goddard server. It is a
> good source if you are not in a position to receive and decode the telm
> beacon at your site. I use it at home and the office to keep track of the
> bird. When I am at the home QTH I try to feed each N. America pass to the
> server for redistribution.Others do the same.
> The ultimate way to get the information, is to use AO40Rcv, also available
> from AMSAT site. This pgm runs with your sound card and gives you full
> decode, real-time, during your tracking of the bird. The program is VERY
> reliable and displays everything in a friendly manner.
> Hope this is helpful.
> 73
> Gunther Meisse
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