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AO-40 Telm Status

Dave and others,
One good source of information is the P3T software which collects it's info
from the Goddard Ham Club's server. The software shows all the status
information you will need. It is available on the AMSAT Web site. You log
into the Goddard server and they will download to the P3T program the latest
telm live. Now, it is not always available, in that someone must be
receiving the AO40 MB and feeding that data to the Goddard server. It is a
good source if you are not in a position to receive and decode the telm
beacon at your site. I use it at home and the office to keep track of the
bird. When I am at the home QTH I try to feed each N. America pass to the
server for redistribution.Others do the same.
The ultimate way to get the information, is to use AO40Rcv, also available
from AMSAT site. This pgm runs with your sound card and gives you full data
decode, real-time, during your tracking of the bird. The program is VERY
reliable and displays everything in a friendly manner.
Hope this is helpful.
Gunther Meisse

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