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Re: ao40 awol again

Hi Dave,

>1) Is there a WEB site with a condensed easy to read guide on 
>"understanding" the telem data? especially how to tell when I can actually 
>use the satellite i.e. what are the current on/off MA's for the beacon and 
>the transponders.

This one pretty much does this:

And Stacey posts to the list as time allows.

>2) Is there anywhere that the most recent decoded telem blocks are posted 
>on the WEB daily?

Well, don't know about decoded telem blocks.  But the AO-40 telemetry 
archive is here:

You can download the data and process the blocks with any of several 
programs described and linked from here:

>3) What is the most straight forward and easy to implement approach for 
>directly decoding the blocks themselves , hopefully via sound card and 
>computer and  not through construction of additional hardware

Again, software for that is found here:
Personally, I use Moe's AO40Rcv program.  It's been great!

>Color me..frustrated, overwhelmed and confused in NH

It's a hobby...let's enjoy it :)

73, Mark N8MH


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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