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Re: ao40 awol again

For the moment I will give the controllers the benefit of the doubt that 
they are really too busy trying to keep control of the bird and 
subsequently they don't have time to keep the general public informed of 
the changes they are making to the operating schedule. Allthough for the 
new and inexperienced users this can cause much frustration and confusion 
as many will suspect it is their equipment which is malfunctioning

I take it from Kevin's comments below that if one learns to interpret the 
telemetry data that all will be revealed as to what the actual operating 
schedule is regardless of what is posted on the AMSAT WEB sites.

I spent the last 45 minutes reading the information on the extensive AO40 
Telemetry at http://www.amsat-dl.org/p3d/tlmspec.txt and I confess in my 
naivete to be impressed but not enlightened 8^(

1) Is there a WEB site with a condensed easy to read guide on 
"understanding" the telem data? especially how to tell when I can actually 
use the satellite i.e. what are the current on/off MA's for the beacon and 
the transponders.
2) Is there anywhere that the most recent decoded telem blocks are posted 
on the WEB daily?
3) What is the most straight forward and easy to implement approach for 
directly decoding the blocks themselves , hopefully via sound card and 
computer and  not through construction of additional hardware

Color me..frustrated, overwhelmed and confused in NH

At 11:12 PM 8/24/02 -0700, Kevin Schuchmann wrote:
>well looking at the telem blocks, I see the mb on time has been changed to 
>80 now so that answers my question...
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> > beacon back on at about ma 82...
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