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Robin Haighton, Miles Mann and AO-40 antennas with a twist at Boxboro

I just got back from the ARRL Convention in Boxboro, Massachusetts today
and AMSAT was well represented by our president Robin Haighton who did a
presentation on the two new satellites that are about to be built in the
near future. Also Miles Mann WF1F did a very interesting presentation
about the upcoming SSTV that in the near future well be on the ISS. Miles
had a big hand in getting this project on the MIR and lets hope his work
and the success it was on MIR is carried over. This leads me to the last
speaker Tony Monteiro AA2TX who did a presentation about AO-40 antenna
system with a twist. The twist was both downlink and uplink antennas were
made out of cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, shipping tape or scotch tape,
plug a few more odd and end parts. I wish he had a web site so that he
could give us an in depth run down of the construction and performance of
this system but his presentation made it look very easy to make and use,
even for me who is an appliance type ham radio operator. I would also
mention that I believe Tony is another presenter at the 20th Space
Symposium and AMSAT-NA Annual meeting this November 7-11. 2002 in Fort
Worth, Texas. You can also send e-mail to Tony at his address
aa2tx@amsat.org for more info.

Thanks for reading this,
                                      Rick Meuse N1HID
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