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Re: Rolling Satellite Array

Hello Tom,

1.  No not North.  Here is the scheme.  I pick a direction that would result
in a cardinal heading or major division on my magnetic compass.  I write it
down and always park the antenna at that heading before I put it away.  Then
when I want to use it again, I roll the array out, align it by eyeball, then
put my compass against the boom and adjust the array (by rotating on the
wheels) so that the compass points to that cardinal heading.  It takes
seconds.  I have 18 degrees of variation here (East) and have a G-5500 that
centers on South so I park my antenna at 198 (true) then align the antenna
to South (180) on the magnetic compass.  Be careful not to get the compass
to close to the rotator or any steel or it will deflect the reading.

2.  My driveway has an aggregate surface and when I stop pushing the wheels
stop rolling.  It doesn't want to roll.  I bought some small caster like
wheels, they swivel and have a locking lever (I did think I'd have to lock
them to keep it stable at first).
I put a wheel under the plywood disc near each leg and it is very stable.
If your driveway was smooth you could push down the little levers and the
wheels would be locked.

Hope that helps.    http://home.attbi.com/~k7kcs/tripodonwheels.jpg

73's  Tracy K7KCS

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> Tracy,
>      A couple of quick questions:
>      1.  I would presume you align the platform to true North?
> yes/no/maybe/what's true north
>       2.  How do you stabilize the platform?  are there breaks on the
> rollers, sandbags, wedges, etc
> Thanks in advance for the info and the photo.
> Tom Webb, WA9AFM/5

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