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Re: Smoke test on AO-40 tonight.

>Got my 3' n3iyr dish mount figured out and it's going up today for the 
>AO-40 pass tonight.  Hopefully I'll be making my first AO-40 qso and if 
>I'm lucky, it will be a DX contact. Sure wish the alon/alat were better. 
>34/0 wasn't what I was hoping for on my first try at AO-40.  What are 
>people finding the relative change in MB strength to be at different 
>Squints and MA's?

Congrats, Vince, I look forward to a QSO soon....

I try anything if I happen to be around, sometimes very good unpredictable 
results.  I think
we have a lot to learn about the xmit pattern coming from the bird...

>  For example, is the beacon stronger when the satellite is close and 
> squint 70, and weaker when the satellite is further away and the squint 
> 40? Would it be strongest at MA 128 squint 0?

All pretty relative, and variable.....

>  And Dave, what phase and location should I look for your AO-40 net?

We've sort of altered our MO until we get back to better sun angles.  I get 
on 20 kHz
above the beacon whenever I get a good return with my modest equipment...

Look for me there on Sunday 25aug02 at ~1400z....some of us will be there...

>I want some AO-40 QSL cards so try and work me if you can!

San Diego is just as good DX as any of them!!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

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