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RE: Nova for Windows Lockup

Thanks, Nick.  Updating the keps in Nova using disk update is a good idea.

So far, I've been able to download the updates automatically with Nova 2.1s,
with only one glitch:  I have to select another program to get the Nova
windows to close when they are done.  Odd.  When the download is finished, I
have to open something else, such as windows explorer, or switch to Outlook,
and then come back to Nova.  The same thing happens after the download step
is finished and Nova then indicates that it is updating the data files - the
window stays open.  I switch to another program and come back to Nova,
voila'!  It is as though Nova can't release the window.  Maybe its Nova,
maybe its Win-2K-Pro , maybe its my video card; but, since every other
installed program works fine, I'm first looking at Nova.

73' Dan, KB4L

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