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Re: Atlas 5 Test Flight


I only heard about this a few days ago but was very encouraged to learn that
an EELV Secondary Payload Adapter (ESPA) is being developed to provide a
standard interface for up to six secondary payloads on EELV (Delta IV and
Atlas V) launches.

The ESPA is designed to use the excess EELV payload margin, expected on
occasion to exceed 3,000 lbs. (~ 7%), to launch a set of secondary
satellites in addition to the primary payload. The ESPA essentially
substitutes for the normal primary payload adapter and provides six
secondary payload mounting plates in a ring pattern on the outside of the
circular adapter. Secondary satellites must be added in pairs to preserve
mass balance, and individually may weigh up to 400 lbs.

Some highlights of the program are:

Available volume dimensions are up to 24x24x38

Assuming some launch manifest cost sharing and a fully utilized ESAP, total
per-satellite launch costs are projected to be in the $300k to $900k range.

The DoD STP (Space Test Program) is committed to building and flight
qualifying one ESPA, under a relaxed schedule, for a FY 2003 launch. They
are pursuing cooperative agreements with both EELV contractors.

ESPA Users Guide:


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> Dan -
> The eventual need for an "SBS-like" for the US launch
> systems is a very good point.  The Atlas 5 (marketed by
> ILS) and the Delta 4 (marketed by Boeing/old McD) were
> developed as part of the Air Force EELV program.
> This may be the proper time to approach either the Air
> Force or the laucnher contractors directly about the
> potential development of an "SBS-like" structure for
> these 2 launcher systems (and maybe the SeaLaunch Zenit
> launcher also marketed by Boeing).

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