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Mike King wrote:

Question, now that I know what Liela sounds like, I am hearing her quite a bit up and down the band as I listen.  But I dont hear any stations....Hmmm, my RX needs a bit of work apparently?

Wayne replies:

Congratulations on making your first AO40 contact!

Hearing LEILA without hearing an "offending" ham signal does NOT mean you have a deficient receiving system.  It is very common to hear the LEILA siren when no signal is apparent on the frequency.  It happens more often on the high end of the downlink passband.  The cause is high-power radar pulses on the UHF uplink from the PAVE-PAWS radar system.  You can't hear the pulses on the downlink, but you hear LEILA reacting to the pulses.  SSTV operators can "see" the radar pulses on SSTV images.

Maybe we should all congregate BELOW the beacon where there is less interference from LEILA.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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