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DX and Tuning Proceedure

Hi again,

I got on again late last night to see if I could get into AO-40 when I was
at the edge of the footprint, there was a short duration pass here.

DX on the bird was pretty amazing, from 0600 to 0700 - worked GW, DL, G0,
HB9 and F6.  I could a have worked many more - had to go to bed to get ready
for work!

Signals were pretty good considering about a 4 degree elevation for the BBQ
dish, which was going thru the neihbors house a bit.

I started to get the hang of Uni-Track now.  What is the standard for
retuning?  I read about it somewhere, but cant seem to find it.  So, if I
find a station and start a conversation, just retune the RX to adjust, or in
full doppler tuning, tune both the "tracked" RX and TX.  Just want to get a
feel for the correct proceedure.

Thanks all!


Mike - KM0T - en13vc

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