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I did it!

Now that I have been hearing AO-40 and learning about the MA numbers and
squint, I just could not stand not trying to make a contact.

Well, I threw some stuff together here quick for an uplink and worked my
first station on A0-40 this morning!

After hearing myself come back from AO-40, I was very excited and learned
about how to tune myself, etc.

I called cq around 0735 UTC and Bob, W7LRD came back.  I got to chat with
him unitl 0755.  Good sigs, 5x4 to 5x5.  I also got a visit from Liela a few
times! (oops)

(As a SWL report, I heard VE7XDT calling cq on CW about 0718, and some
english guys I think on SSB a bit earlier than that. - Squint was about 16
degrees at MA175 or so)

I went to bed shortly thereafter but listened a bit before work this
morning, wow were signals strong.  Heard lots of folks, but did not have
time to play.

So, needless to say, I am pretty excited and hope to get the hang of this a
bit better before I get on a "crowded" passband!

Thanks everyone for all your help!

Question, now that I know what Liela sounds like, I am hearing her quite a
bit up and down the band as I listen.  But I dont hear any stations....Hmmm,
my RX needs a bit of work apparently?


Mike - KM0T EN13vc

(I tried to send this email last night, but email problems..here it is now)

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