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SSB Electronic Transverter Crystal Sources?


I have an SSB Electronic LT24S transmitting converter, left over from AO-13.
Identical to the LT23S, but without the receive section.  The operating
range is 1269-1271 MHz for a 144-146 TX IF.  For full utility on AO-40, I
need to shift this slightly to 1268-1270 MHz.  According to the
documentation, it uses an HC-25/U series crystal, and of course the needed
crystal (12X LO) is 93.667 MHz.  SSB is researching the matter, but of
course this is an obsolete unit.

This will need to be a custom crystal, and I am looking for recommendation
for a source that from personal experience is reliable and affordable.   I
have already done the Google search, so I don't need a raw vendor list.



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