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HT test, and the winner is....

 The D7. On 8/21/2002 on the 10:07 EST pass of UO-14 I tested 4 HT's.
Following is the results of that informal test. Participants were KB2M,
K3TL,and KB2QRM. Here is a URL for a pic of the 'test range' K3TL is on
right in pic......
http://www.qsl.net/kb2m/ht%20test.jpg     pic by KB2QRM.....

Antennas used were  Premier AL-800's , we had three on hand so we rotated
an HT every minute or less during the pass. Not much of a difference was
heard during the pass until about 2 minutes before LOS.

Here is the order of finish...

1. Kenwood D7AG. advertised Sensitivity is <.18mv. At one minute to LOS
this was the only HT still receiving the downlink! A clear winner.

2.  Yaesu VX7R. Advertised Sensitivity is <.18mv. Seemed a tad better
then the VX5R.

3. Yaesu VX5R.  Advertised Sensitivity is <.16mv. If we did this again
the VX5R might be second.

4. Kenwood TH-F6A. Advertised Sensitivity is <.13mv . A clear loser in
this test, last to pickup the bird, first to drop out. But not by as much
as the D7's ability to rx better. 

We were located in an urban area, but noticed no inter-mod. I already
have a D7, so I picked up a VX7R. Next I would like to test my D7 and
VX7R on a service monitor, to see what the actual measured sensitivity
for 12 db SINAD @ 435 mhz is.
 Also we were aware (and tested)the differences between the A an B sides
of the radio's. Although we didn't notice any difference between main and
sub on the VX7R. My prior experience with inter-mod with the F6 put it in
last place, it's performance on receive was just a bit less then the
Yaesu's. But once again my D7 was easily the winner. This has been said
on this SIG before, the D7 has a great RX. I plan on testing the D7, F6,
and the VX7R next time I go 40 miles or so out in the ocean. I'm curious
what the result's would be with a much lower noise floor. I hope I
covered this well enough here, if not send me an email, I could elaborate
further if needed. 

73 Jeff kb2m      

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