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RE: Re UO-14's Good Ears

> We in India are facing these QRM on our local Repaters and 
> Simplex. There
> are hundreds of these  in our own city.
> We have complained to the local monitoring authorities but no 
> firm action
> has been taken.
> I think that it should be concerted effort to fight out this 
> invasion of Ham
> Bands.

These devices have caused a few problems in VK.  However, the authorities
are generally very quick to act on any found on our shores.  The advent of
IRLP has had the inadvertant side effect of logging dialled DTMF digits.  In
one case, it was discovered that the owner was dialling a customer help line
where they had to key in their phone number.  At the time, I was running an
IRLP node on the affected frequency, and the end result is the phone number
got logged in the system logs.  We passed the info onto the ACA for action
(best to go through proper channels), and they had the phone shut down
within days.

However, these phones do cause a lot of problems on UO-14.  The uplink is
unusuable as the bird passes over Indonesia to our north, with the uplink
being full of phones and other non amateur traffic.  I have also heard them
spread throughout the passbands of RS-13 and FO-20/29 with good signal

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