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Re: New to Birds

Brad Rich said:
> I am planning to start simple with M2 eggbeater antennas for 2 meters and
440Mhz.  What should my expectations be?  I know that I will be limited to
Low Orbit birds.  Just want to make sure there is fun to be had without
going to the beams/dishes and alt/az systems.

      There have been several comments already, and here is one more.  You
will likely be disappointed.  Yes, the LEO satellites can be worked with
eggbeaters, but I don't recommend them to start out.  ALL amateur satellite
operation is weak signal.  Using a marginal antenna is a handicap.  With
the eggbeaters, you will generally get a barely receivable signal that is
only an S-unit of so above the noise floor.  Yes, it can be done, but it's
NOT like listening to your local FM repeater.
      After you have some experience, you may want to try making things
more challanging.  For example, although I normally use a large array of
crossed yagis at home, I will be operating mobile using M2 HO-Loops this

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