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Hearing AO-40 - a few more questions

Good Morning or Evening (QTH dependent)

Thanks again for all the words of encouragement on hearing AO-40 the first
time.  Last night and this morning was a bit better.

I listend around AOS which was about 6:55 local.  I messed around and got
the AO-40RCV program up and running, but the orbit came around to MA-30 and
the beacon turned off again!

So, got up around MA70 to MA91 (about 0600 to 0640 UTC) and tried reading
the beacon again, but not much luck in decode.  Lots of QSB and no ham
signals to be found?  I did hear a few RTTY type signals around 21401.410 to
.415, PSK?  Not sure.

I got to looking into NOVA a bit and enabled the squint calcs there.  I have
entered the ALON/ALAT figures. There were a few choices on the squint calcs.
AT MA90 - High Gain gave a squint of 39 degrees.  Low Gain 142, Geocentric
gave 5 degrees.  I assume high gain is the correct selection?

So, I think I remember folks saying squint needs to be less that 25 for
reasonable operating?

Just looking for some feedback that I am understanding and the configuration
is correct.

This morning at 1200 UTC with the MA164, the squint shows 23.5 degrees and
the beacon is pretty solid 5x3 to 5x4.  In fact the AO40RCV is happily
downloading blocks 80/130 at 61%, I guess it takes a bit!

Still did not hear any amature stations, just that RTTY / PSK warbel up the
band a bit from the beacon.

Well, at 1217 UTC , I heard W7LRD in Seattle Washington calling CQ AO-40 on
SSB, some distance above the beacon.  He was an S unit below the beacon
signal.  This was at MA168, with the squint of 22.5.

Well, I think I have a good feel for whats going on, now I need to tackel
the UNI-Trac quirks I am experiencing.  Will be posting soon to the uni-trac
group.  TX antenna work this weekend perhaps.

73 - Mike - KM0T en13vc

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