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Re: New to Birds

On Tue, 20 Aug 2002 19:36:11 -0700, Brad Rich wrote:
>I am planning to start simple with M2 eggbeater antennas for 2
>meters and
>440Mhz.  What should my expectations be?  I know that I will be
>limited to
>Low Orbit birds.  Just want to make sure there is fun to be had
>going to the beams/dishes and alt/az systems.
>Brad Rich


Absolutely!  The M-squared antennas perform very well for me in a 
no-tracking kinda situation, once I added the pre-amps which help to 
make up the gain I don't get from the omni antennas.

Get 'em up high (mine are mounted at 20') and feed 'em with low-loss 
coax if they're not right next to the shack (don't wanna lose 
anything that you don't have to!).

I use 'em on FO-20 and FO-29, as well as UO-14, SO-41, and the 
Shuttle and ISS.

And, at 20', you can still expect pretty good local coverage if 
you're into the SSB/weak signal stuff as well (i.e. 144.200 +/-).

73 Wayne N5WD 
  R. Wayne Day  N5WD   Fort Worth, Texas
  n5wd@earthlink.net  rday@northwest.k12.tx.us
    Northwest High School, Fort Worth TX USA

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