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Re: Latest news on AMSAT-DL page

Darned impressive for a computer translator!  And I could figure most of 
what the program failed to translate:
         dreiachs - three axis
         Squintwinkel - squint angle
         three-oh - three axis (mistranslation?)
         circulation - orbit (mistranslation)
         "at the soil" - on earth

Not so sure about:
         funkkontact - radio contact or communications ?
         magnetic erdachse - earth's magnetic field?

Unfortunately, the sentence structure of German is quite unlike english, as 
the translation shows.  I wish my German was stronger.... especially in 
technical matters!

Paul W4SKI

At 08:52 PM 8/20/02 -0400, you wrote:
>I ran it through the translator at http://babelfish.altavista.com/ for a quick
>translation ...
>Three-oh stabilization of Ao-40
>With the transition of the spinstabilized mode to the Dreiachs stabilized mode
>of Ao-40 longer service life would be to be obtained with improved 
>But after the driving work incident from December 2000 and the 
>consequences from
>it new, more complicated basic conditions result. In the following 
>the central problems and the further procedure are described on the basis
>summarized information of the project manager Karl Meinzer, DJ4ZC, and the
>command team.
>After the incident in the drive system and with the withdrawn fuel several 
>conditions had changed in such a manner that the topic three-oh stabilization
>was to be concerned fundamentally again. To these changes belong:
>1. By the inclination of up to 10° (fig. 1, A) opposite the originally planned
>approximately 61° (fig. 1, B) is geometry between earth, sun and satellite
>different, which makes another strategy of the situation default necessary.
>2. The so-called " Mystery Effect (ME) " makes the movement of the satellite
>uncontrollable, if the spin is so far reduced by Ao-40 that the three spin
>wheels (fig. 2) can take up the remainder angular momentum, without pushing to
>their speed limit.
>3. Omni antennas round spray-end failed. Each larger change of situation, from
>the orbit level (ALAT), leads to the loss of the funkkontakts (fig. 1, C).
>4. The funkkontakt straight in perigee proximity, bad by the Squint, permits
>practically no real time control of the Dreiachs automatic control loop in the
>For a long time the question was located to the satellites in the area, 
>there is at all a safe way to be able to reach a three-oh stabilization 
>thereby to lose. In the meantime by project manager Karl Meinzer a 
>strategy was
>developed, which permits a return to the spin mode with some probability from
>each phase of the transition in time. Thus it is not safe however yet whether
>Ao-40 can be actually transferred into the Dreiachs mode. A high risk remains.
>With the development of the strategy however it turned out that the 
>procedure is
>less dependent on the solar angle than original was accepted. That takes
>something pressure from the further procedure. This is better for all involved
>ones, in order not to risk that Ao-40 points uncontrolled parallel to the
>magnetic erdachse with the antennas to the north. That would most likely 
>be the
>end of Ao-40.
>The strategy plans now to hold the Z-axis of the satellite thereby in the 
>level in order to have at least for a certain period in each circulation 
>to Ao-40. In order to implement an satellite-internal automatic controller,
>actually a three-dimensional automatic control loop of second order is
>necessary. However a set of simpler differential equations could be found, 
>make it possible to control the satellite movements in a predetermineable way.
>To a final three-oh regulation one will be able itself to near-grope only
>gradually. In a first step it applies to bring the spin to a value of
>approximately 0.4 revolutions per minute so that the spin wheels can take 
>up the
>residual torque around the Z-axis. This spin reduction must be tested, in 
>to be able to determine the behavior of the satellite by the Mystery 
>Effect. If
>it is possible to still maneuver the satellite at this number of 
>revolutions the
>wheels can transfer the residual torque in a next step. From then on Ao-40
>became slowly " sails ", and one could return at any time to the original
>situation with spin around the Z-axis. If Ao-40 should have so far come, the
>next steps can be planned.
>For all these steps the appropriate mathematically physical fundamentals in
>program code are to be converted. Also here is to be proceeded carefully. In
>addition Gegenchecks of the code belong and expanded tests of the software at
>the soil. The transition of Ao-40 to the Dreiachs mode will thus still 
>last some
>time. Some steps of the strategy can take place only with according to 
>solar angle. The suitable Phasse begins in November 2002.
>AMSAT DL journal Sept. 2002, franc sperber, DL6DBN
>Don Woodward
>AMSAT 33535
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>Hello all,
>I've just uploaded to our AMSAT-DL webpage / AO-40-Update / Latest
>News (www.amsat-dl.org/journal/adlj-p3d.htm)an article by DL6DBN
>which was published in our recent AMSAT-DL Journal.
>It covers the 3-axis stabilization. Unfortunatelly the article is
>at time in German only. I am urgently seeking somebody who
>could translate it into English so that I can make the news page
>Thank you for your attention.
>  Reinhard
>  DJ1KM
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