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Hi All,

I've received a lot of feedback, thoughts, and contributions to the FAQ.
Thankyou everybody for your support. There was some overlap in feedback in
some areas, so I couldnt use it all, but I hope I havent missed anything
that anyone supplied.

It's now complete (except for tidying up the layout and HTML). It's at the
same URL as before
(http://hamgate.apana.org.au/AO-40FAQ.htm) There have been over 700 accesses
to it since I announced it, so a lot of interest!

I'm now looking for final feedback (on content only - I know the way MS Word
presents it is terrible) before it gets turned into proper HTML and goes on
the AMSAT site(s).

The main changes have been:

Accurate "what happened to AO-40" information
Updated RUDAK information
Three axis stabilisation information
Transponder inversion and sideband conventions
Minor typo's wording, syntax and other feedback

Steve, vk5asf

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