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On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, Don Woodward wrote:

> I'm gearing my Packet station up for APRS through PCSAT and ISS, and so while
> testing on the local APRS 144.39 I sent an email to my Internet account via
> APRS. Question is can I reply or send an email to my APRS station via the
> Internet?

Yes and no.  Technically it is equally easy to send Email back to an APRS
user anywhere that originated on the internet and have it go back to
radio.  BUT since the burden of proof that the email is consistent with
the rules of the amateur radio service must lie on someone, somewhere, no
one in general has chosen to tackle that problem.  Its just too thorny.

A simple approach is to allow HAMS to "register" their internet source
address with an RF gateway as a valid licensed HAM that they will take
responsibility for all such traffic originated from their email address.
But such a "registration" process is manpower intensive, full of work, a
maintenace nightmare and an arm-chair-lawyers dream situation, so no one
in their right mind has touched it.

But it will be interesting to see as the HAM Radio Intenernet
opportunities for synergism continue to evolve.

de WB4APR, Bob

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