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Re: Yaesu VX7R

 Ok, I have a Kenwood D7AG, and have owned a Kenwood THF6, and a Yaesu
VX5R. I found the VX5R to be the least sensitive to inter-mod. The THF6
was useless in the same spot's in Houston that the VX5R worked. The D7
marginally better on sat RX, the TNC a big plus. I'm looking at the VX7R
to use mostly on my 19' CC boat in an offshore saltwater environment, and
while Kayaking. Tomorrow morning I plan on taking a trip to HRO in DE to
test a D7, F6, VX5R, and a VX7R in a side by side comparison on UO-14. I
will report my finding's here. For an antenna I will be using an AL-800
telescoping whip(my antenna of choice while on travel or offshore in the
boat). Anyone who want's to join me at HRO is welcome. Showtime is at
10:06 EST. 

73 Jeff kb2m

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