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Question about TV on Ham satellite


A hypothetical question for you number cruncher / link budget folks out

If one wanted to run a bent pipe FM TV repeater in space, with uplink on
1.2GHz and downlink at 2.4GHz, and the satellite was a LEO, at say 700km
height, with an antenna gain on both 1.2GHz of 6dBi, and a downlink power of
20W EIRPc .

(a) what kind of EIRP would one need on the uplink, and
(b) what size of dish would one need on the downlink?

I think FM TV bandwidth is normally of the order of 18MHz, but the L band
uplink bandplan only caters for 10MHz, so I'd guess we'd have to squeeze

I remember the SUNSAT had a PAL TV downlink on S band - anyone know what
sort of equipment was required to receive this at various P#'s?



[There's no hidden agenda here, just interested on how you work this out].

73 Howard G6LVB

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