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RE: Rotors


> Apparently, there is a device that works with Uni_Trac, called a
> Multi_Trac, that handles two rotators, but they both have to be the
> same type, I think.

Here's another way to do it.

If you run Nova, it will concurrently update a rotator whilst firing off DDE

Use WispDDE to catch these DDE messages and configure for a different
rotator interface (not necessarily the same type either).

Problem is I've recently had problems with the native Nova rotator tracking
on a couple of hardware interfaces where it thinks (incorrectly) that the
rotator has stalled and also strange effects occur when flipping. Not sure
how close this is to being fixed.

Back to the FODTRACK for a sceond:

Sounds like as long as you have the two FODTRACKs in different directories
(to keep the two config files separate) I'd have thought you'd be OK. You
may experience problems with FODTrack under Windows NT, 2000 & XP on
parallel port hardware interfaces. 9x, ME should be OK.

73 Howard G6LVB

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