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Re: Beacon On FO-20 ?

So far, the two responses are almost right...
The FO-20 (and FO-29) beacons are both nominally 435.795.
FO-29 is a CW beacon.
FO-20 however is an A0 (unmodulated carrier) beacon...so you'll just hear a
constant carrier, no CW.
The passbands are 145.900-146.000 uplink (generally LSB as you note) and
435.800-435.900 downlink...and because it's inverting, that would be USB,
again as you note.
However, the suppressed carrier translates too...if you TX on 145.920 LSB,
your nominal output will be 435.880 USB.
Tuning your TX higher in frequency will REDUCE the RX in frequency..and
vise versa.
FO-20 does turn off when it is in eclipse (which is not necessarily the
same as when you are in darkness).
PS a 70cm preamp will work wonders for your ability to hear either bird.

At 19:43 2002-08-19 +1000, Pete Moscatt wrote:
>I am reasonably new to the world of Amateur Satellites.  I have worked both
>UO-14 and RS-13 with success.  I now want to try FO-20.
>With RS-13 and it's beacon its easy to use this as a judgment to see how
>well I am hearing the unit which then helps me decide if it's worth while
>trying to work through.  With UO-14 I use the FM carrier to achieve the same
>In documentation I have read to date, it appears that FO-20 does not have a
>beacon - is this correct ?
>Seeing FO-20 is linear but it's signals are inverted, does this mean if I
>was to transmit on say 145.920 LSB then I would need to listen for my sigs
>somewhere in the area of 435.820 USB +/-  ?
>Pete VK4CCV
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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