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RE: Beacon On FO-20 ?

Hello Pete

> In documentation I have read to date, it appears that FO-20 does not have
> beacon - is this correct ?

There's a CW beacon down at 435.795 +/- Doppler although I can't say I've
listened to the beacon recently.

> Seeing FO-20 is linear but it's signals are inverted, does this mean if I
> was to transmit on say 145.920 LSB then I would need to listen for my sigs
> somewhere in the area of 435.820 USB +/-  ?

Because it's inverting, not only is the LSB converted to USB on the
downlink, but the entire passband is inverted too: for an uplink of 145.920,
look at 435.880MHz +/- Doppler.

The Doppler is about +/- 10kHz, so you receive about 10kHz high at the start
of the pass and 10kHz low at the end. In the middle of the pass be prepared
for some rapid twiddling as the rate of change is highest at this point.

By far the most activity is in the middle 20kHz of the passband.

Be aware that this bird's batteries aren't too good and it switches off in

FO-29 is in a better state, and functions identically to FO-29 when in
analog transponder mode, even the uplink & downlink frequencies are the same
(which can get confusing when both are in your footprint).

Good luck!

73 Howard G6LVB

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