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Beacon On FO-20 ?

I am reasonably new to the world of Amateur Satellites.  I have worked both
UO-14 and RS-13 with success.  I now want to try FO-20.

With RS-13 and it's beacon its easy to use this as a judgment to see how
well I am hearing the unit which then helps me decide if it's worth while
trying to work through.  With UO-14 I use the FM carrier to achieve the same

In documentation I have read to date, it appears that FO-20 does not have a
beacon - is this correct ?

Seeing FO-20 is linear but it's signals are inverted, does this mean if I
was to transmit on say 145.920 LSB then I would need to listen for my sigs
somewhere in the area of 435.820 USB +/-  ?


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