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Re: Volunteer Radiomen

At 10:36 PM 8/18/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Just to clarify - I objected to the comparison between the two and what 
>might be
>perceived as a play on the respect earned by Firefighters since 911 - not 
>to the
>word "volunteer".

As far as I'm concerned, 'volunteer' as applied to firefighters only equates to
'part time'. In most places, part time firefighters get 'PAID', just like 
any other
fireman. The only difference is that they are part time, and provide 
trained, manpower.

There's nothing 'special' about them other than that they've elected to be 
a firefighter
as a part time vocatation.

To get up on your 'high horse' and put yourself forward as something 
'special' as compared
to a volunteer communicator or a storm spotter, who will provide their 
equipment and
time 'free gratis' to the community in times of emergency is an insult to 
all of the ARES
and RACES people who do this every day.

There were Hams 'on the ground' at the world trade center, just as there 
were 'volunteer

Go peddle your ego somewhere else.

>I certainly appreciate the ARES/RACES volunteers - they provide a very 
>service to my community in the area of "storm tracking", and I'm sure if
>necessary they will be there providing emergency communications if and 
>when it's
>necessary - I for one will be one of the first to point out how valuable 
>radio operators will be should we need them here.
>Recently I saw my congressman (Bob Barr) at a political rally - after the 
>I went up to shake his hand - I happened to have on my Fire/EMA shirt - he 
>to me "thank you for your work with the fire department" - I responded very
>modestly with "thank you for what you do" - it didn't dawn on me then but it
>made me realize - I actually don't see what I do as "special" - I see it as my
>duty in the grand scheme of life.
>Don Woodward
>AMSAT 33535
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>Mr. Woodward,
>There are many ARES/RACES volunteers who perform their unpaid professional
>communications work with the same zeal and devotion as volunteer
>firefighters or reserve police officers.  Do the volunteer communicators
>risk their lives as do the latter two groups?  Of course not.  If I read
>your e-mail correctly, you would equate "volunteer" with risk as opposed to
>compensation status. As a rule, I wouldn't try to place equal value on
>volunteer firefighter/EMS provider and communications volunteers.  Without
>people like you close to 75% of this country would not have fire protection
>or EMS assistance.  However, during severe emergencies when the power goes
>out like hurricanes in Florida or wildland fires in New Mexico there can and
>have been no public safety communications.  In this case, we need each other
>to provide a service to the citizens of our city, county, state and country.
>As a professional public safety communicator I see this kind of dialogue
>between road personnel and communicators.  I also see it between full time
>(paid) police/fire personnel and (unpaid) reserve/volunteer personnel.
>Please don't take offense at the term volunteer radioman or communicator.
>Unpaid professional communicators know their station and have no desire to
>detract from the contributions people as yourself make.  They only want to
>help by being a part of your team.
>Hey Mr. Buninga, good topic for discussion on a Sunday afternoon/evening.
>Mr. Woodward, Thanks for the important contributions you make.  Most people
>will never know the anguish you and your fellow firefighters feel following
>a serious accident/incident.
>Monte, W7MLS
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>I became a Firefighter/First Responder six months before 911 - since 911 the
>terms "volunteer fireman" and "firefighter" have achieved a new level of
>respect - to play on that achievement/respect by calling amatuer radio
>"volunteer radiomen" I find offensive as both a volunteer fireman" and an
>"amatuer radio operator".
>Many amatur radio operators are in radio just as a hobby, whereas
>is a "lifestyle" not a hobby - as a Firefighter I put my life on the line
>time I answer a call. For example today I responded to a head-on collision
>the nearby highway - I arrived before the ambulance and as I was caring for
>critical patient a severe thunderstorm came up - I ended up working under a
>as lightning struck close by. I couldn't leave this situation until we got
>patient evaluated and packaged for transport. After I cared for that patient
>assisted with the extrication of another patient and assisted in putting
>the extrication equipment while the storm continued with no relief. No I'm
>crazy, but if I don't do it - who will?
>Don't get me wrong, I believe both contribute greatly to the conservation of
>property and saving of lives, but to make the comparison as if all amatuer
>operators were involved in radio as a "volunteer" is purely wrong - I'm a
>perfect example - amatuer radio is purely a hobby for me - volunteer
>Firefighters do what they do because their job is more than a hobby for
>Don Woodward
>AMSAT 33535
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>Subject: [amsat-bb] Volunteer Radiomen
>While scouring the seat pocket in front of me for reading material during
>a recent spate of travel trips, I was reading an article about 911.
>What struck me was the familiar ring of the words "volunteer Fireman"
>which commands a lot of respect...
>I wonder if we have ever collectively considered the term "volunteer
>radioman" as an alternative to the term "amateur radio"?
>Just a thought.
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