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Re: Volunteer Radiomen

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<< amatuer radio is purely a hobby for me  >>

But not for all amateurs...there are many skilled amateur radio operators 
around the world who excel at passing traffic...setting up emergency 
communications links...provide communication support to overburdened domestic 
communications systems.....Those few who choose to do these jobs are the true 
"Volunteer Radiomen"...others may choose not to be....

Life saving can be done from the rear guard....several years ago the Salem, 
MA police repeater went out eliminating any reliable communications from Base 
to squad car...within 1 hour, every active police person was issued a 2 meter 
"Ham Radio", personal radios provided by the local community of Amateurs; 
this enabled 6 hours of citywide communications, through the local 146.88 
repeater, before the police system was back up....

During the Blizzard of 1978, amateur communicators with direction finding 
equipment from the beaches led the effort to guide the Pilot Boat "CAN DO" to 
safety after it's failed attempt to locate a freighter grounded in the 
storm....unfortunately a rogue wave blasted through the cabin window and 
there were no survivors...however the plots from the beach enabled the 
recovery of the bodies and the vessel.

These people all volunteered, they used their skills and knowledge to help 
save lives...while not as dramatic as a car crash...hurricane assistance, 
tornado warnings and massive communications failures are all everyday 
preparations for multitudes of hams.

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