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Re: Volunteer Radiomen - corrected spellings and complete

I meant to send this only to Bob but Microsoft had other intentions and sent it
before I had corrected it and completed it - sorry! Below is the corrected
version since it ended up here first.

Don Woodward

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Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2002 21:11
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Volunteer Radiomen


I became a Firefighter/First Responder six months before 911 - since 911 the
terms "volunteer fireman" and "firefighter" have achieved a new level of
respect - to play on that achievement/respect by calling amateur radio operators
"volunteer radiomen" I find slightly offensive as both a volunteer fireman" and
"amateur radio operator" - I assume this was not your intention.

Many amateur radio operators are in radio just as a hobby, whereas Firefighting
is a "lifestyle" not a hobby - as a Firefighter I put my life on the line every
time I answer a call. For example today I responded to a head-on collision on
the nearby highway - I arrived before the ambulance and as I was caring for my
critical patient a severe thunderstorm came up - I ended up working under a tarp
as lightning struck close by. I couldn't leave this situation until I got the
patient evaluated and packaged for transport. After I cared for that patient I
assisted with the extrication of another patient and assisted in putting away
the extrication equipment while the storm continued with no relief. No I'm not
crazy, but if I don't do it - who will?

Don't get me wrong, I believe both contribute greatly to the conservation of
property and saving of lives, but to make the comparison as if all amateur radio
operators were involved in radio as a "volunteer" is purely wrong - I'm a
perfect example - amateur radio is purely a hobby for me.

Perhaps there is a sector of amateur radio operators that are "volunteer
radiomen", but certainly not all of us.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Volunteer Radiomen

While scouring the seat pocket in front of me for reading material during
a recent spate of travel trips, I was reading an article about 911.

What struck me was the familiar ring of the words "volunteer Fireman"
which commands a lot of respect...

I wonder if we have ever collectively considered the term "volunteer
radioman" as an alternative to the term "amateur radio"?

Just a thought.

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