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Hi Stacey,

    Well I guess I should have said around field day... I just remember it was near that time frame... RUDAK had crashed and the
signal was clean....if my rotten memory serves  Rudak was down for 4 days or so... I was on several times talking to G's and we were
both on L and it was clean... once RUDAK was reloaded then the warble came back....
   I am a firm believer that the sat does suffer from radar "pulse type" interference.... this is obvious with sstv pictures, U has
sparkles L does not.... that in itself suggests that L does not suffer as much as U  from radar... anyway if  your sure its radar
then that is fine... but I will be curious when the squints get better and rudak come back on if the RADAR all of a sudden gets
worse and the warble comes back...

Kevin WA6FWF

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> At 09:20 AM 2002-08-18 -0700, you wrote:
> >Hi Stacey and Jim,
> >     Well the noise I am referring to is the warble for the FM'ing on L1.
> > I do not believe radar is causing this... When ever Rudak
> >is on, it's there....
> Sorry Kevin, but I  believe this is not correct (see below).
> >If you remember back to field day, Rudak crashed, and L1 was again clean
> >for several days till Rudak was
> >reloaded...
> RUDAK did not crash on field day, it was working fine, but was not in the
> schedule that day.  However, it was noted that we were RADAR-free at that time.
> >If radar was the problem then it crashing should not have mattered, also
> >shouldn't we see something on L2...
> SNIP!!!

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