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Re: Re: L1

At 09:20 AM 2002-08-18 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi Stacey and Jim,
>     Well the noise I am referring to is the warble for the FM'ing on L1. 
> I do not believe radar is causing this... When ever Rudak
>is on, it's there....

Sorry Kevin, but I  believe this is not correct (see below).

>If you remember back to field day, Rudak crashed, and L1 was again clean 
>for several days till Rudak was

RUDAK did not crash on field day, it was working fine, but was not in the 
schedule that day.  However, it was noted that we were RADAR-free at that time.

>If radar was the problem then it crashing should not have mattered, also 
>shouldn't we see something on L2...

See above....
I don't know for sure why L2 is not affected but the fact that it is less 
sensitive is a possible reason.

>While we're
>on the subject any comments on why L2 is 6db lower than L1.

I don't know.  They are connected to the same antenna via a pre-amp and 

>     Maybe some more tests are in order...

We have watched this phenomenon carefully and others have reported on its 
variable severity.  There is a direct correlation between the warble, 
RADAR-like interference, and difficulty commanding.  There is no 
correlation with RUDAK status or the status of any of the 
experiments.  This has been checked several times.  Given the difficulty we 
have sometimes encountered commanding when this problem is severe, we would 
certainly have shut off RUDAK if it had been the cause.

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