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Alat, Along, Squint and winOrbit

I am in the middle of checking out the performance of my antennas now on the
tower (previously on the ground). The results have been disappointing. When
I hear the beacon it's just above the noise. I've updated Along/Alat to 20/0
and the results were squints of 140 plus! I don't believe that either.
Checking on the defination of ALON at the Amsat-dl site it is as I expected.
A ALON of 0 has the satellite pointing directly at the earth at apogee, and
directly away from the earth at perigee. Checking the defination in the
WinOrbit leads me to believe the opposite. While it doesn't directly
discribe the values, it does indicate the the lack of ALON/ALAT knowledge
the program would use MA (in degrees) as the value for ALON. This yields an
antenna pointing directly at the center of the earth at all times. So it
appears that the defination of ALON in WinOrbit is not consistant with that
used by AMSAT, appears to be 180 out. Once fixed I am getting more
believable numbers. Anyone out there have similar comments or am I twisted
around still?
...Mike WA6ARA
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