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Hi Everyone,

Just picking up on the Scarjet testing, found this snippit on a AOL web
site: -

AUSTRALIAN researchers have confirmed tests on the revolutionary scramjet
engine have proved a success.

Data from the HyShot test flight in July shows it achieved supersonic
combustion for the first time, reaching Mach 7.6.

University of Queensland scientists say the technology may one day be used
to build aircraft with hypersonic engines, opening the possibility of
two-hour flights from London to Sydney.

It could also revolutionise the launch of small space payloads, such as
communication satellites, by lowering costs.

The scramjet works by using air in the atmosphere to burn its rocket fuel
rather than carrying a propellant.

HyShot program leader, Dr Allan Paul, said: "We received data for the full
length of the 10-minute test flight. All indications are that supersonic
combustion occurred."

Researchers say the experiment has provided the world's first in-flight
tests of scramjet technology, backing up ground tests.

Dr Paul said: "Our honest understanding from the preliminary data is that
the experiment worked. We'll be submitting the results to international peer

The scramjet was carried by two rockets to an altitude of about 195 miles
before returning to earth. On-board sensors sent data back to researchers on
the ground.

Nasa is working on its own scramjet project. The Queensland team is now
looking at securing backing for a $50million program of six flights over
five years, leading to a free flying scramjet engine.

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