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Fwd: [Moon-Net] S band Asteroid bounce

Forwarding this interesting bit from my good friend and eme neighbor, Mike,

It looks like you could use FFTDSP with additional integration and have a
chance hearing this one.  You will need to know their transmitting times
and have the common look window with Arecibo.  Getting more "possible"!
Lets see my Drake is 2401/123 --> 2380/102.

Hmmpf!  Only my FT-817 can tune there and only with wbfm!  Wonder if the
local C&W FM radio station pumping out 50kW on 101.7 will have any (IF feed
thru) effect?  Golly gee, miss Molly!  They got country music on Asteriod
2002 NY40!


>You are both correct in some ways.
>Yes, the military radars and FAA radars etc, are pulsed power often of
>around 1 MW peak, with around .001 duty cycles.
>Arecibo, however, has a 1,000,000 Watt CW transmitter on 2380 MHz which
>they use to do radar research on Near Earth Objects (NEO) and other
>objects. This is very likely what they will be doing with 2002 NY40.  NASA
>frequently does bistatic radar transmitting from Arecibo with 1 MW and
>listening with the Goldstone 70 meter antenna.  They often invite others to
>"listen in" but usually those listeners have 30 meter or larger antennas.
>In this case the object is close enough that smaller listeners of the EME
>size might actually pick something up.  They will doppler compensate the
>transmitter which will put the reflected signal at 2380.000 for the
>listeners.  Otherwise at that frequency and with the cosmic speed of the
>object it would be most difficult to detect it.  This also allows the
>listeners to use signal processing techniques such as integration to
>enhance the signals.
>I sure wish my station was not down for renovation at a time like this!!
>Mike, KL6M
>At 01:43 AM 8/16/02 -0400, Russ Pillsbury wrote:
>>Rein wrote:
>>> Not being a radar person, I could be wrong but I believe for
>>> the military, US as well as former USSR, 1MW S band is
>>> nothing out of the ordinary. I believe most navel ships
>>> run that power, not the antennas though!
>>Agreed, but that is pulse power.  The Newington article says it is CW and I
>>just don't beleive they will use that kind of CW power.  1/2 watt into 73 db
>>gain would get them 997 KW ERP.
>>73, Russ K2TXB
>Tnx & 73
>Mike, KL6M  BP51dc    Webpage:  http://www.qsl.net/kl6m
>432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 9.2 Meter Dish; DEM 0.4dB; 700 WATTS
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