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Re: -bb pecking order Issued: 8-15-02 23:40:40Z

Margaret Leber wrote:
> John Becker wrote:
> > Gee Maggie I for one think it would be a bit hard to track anything
> > if the time was not set. Or was you just talking about those other
> > people?? ??

It's all a misunderstanding.

John, she said "folks that don't have their timeZONE set properly"
(emphasis is mine, and best viewed in a fixed-width font, but we
already had THAT discussion here.)

You can have your PC's clock TIME set but have the wrong time ZONE
set, and some tracking programs don't ask the operating system for
the time ZONE, only the TIME.  That's why they may be able to track
a satellite in spite of it all.

73 to all
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