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RE: -bb pecking order Issued: 8-15-02 23:40:40Z

Hi All,

It can be very frustrating to get many responses to a thread you started,
when your question has not yet arrived. I have Road Runner which check
e-mail every 3 minutes, and I get tons of -bb postings, but not nearly in
the order sent.

>> Interesting... apart from mysteriously being dropped from the mailing
list a few weeks ago I've never had a problem with the order of messages.
My mail is received by my main server (in the next town), then gets
collected by my in-house mail server every 15 minutes.  I then collect my
mail using Outlook 2k every 20 minutes - no problem!

>> Sounds to me like its probably the configuration and/or average load of
your ISP's mail server rather than the BB server thats causing the issues
you describe(?)  I know my server (although shared with a couple of others)
is very quiet, with little or no activity most of the time.  As such, its
highly unlikely messages forwarded to me from the list ever enter the retry
queue on the BB server.  If your ISP's mail server is very busy, then the
chances are the delays and/or re-ordering of messages is caused by slow or
failing response times when the BB server tries to send you mail.

>> One thing that might aid the situation a little, is if the mailing list's
administrator is able to alter the retry queue's delivery timescale to a
logarithmic basis (as most do these days).  Then the initial retry attempts
should be more frequent to begin with and progressively get longer as the
days pass until 'permanent delivery failure' occurs.  Just a thought :)



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