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Re: -bb pecking order Issued: 8-15-02 23:40:40Z

G'day all,
I have the same problem in VK3 with messages from amsat-bb way out of order.
The messages are not mine and non come direct ( all are through amsat-bb). I
receive messages here and because people delete bits ( good way to do it
of the time ) I have no idea what the message refers to until I receive the
original post.
The original post may arrive upto 8 - 10 hours later.
Now if my position in the list for mailouts does not change why do I get 1
or often
many more before I get the original? It is frustrating but I just put up
with it as "one
of those things ". To fill you in a bit more I have a permanent internet
connection and
retrieve from my ISP any email I have at 5 minute intervals.
Since other have now brought up this problem I will keep an eye on the many
groups I subsribe to. As yet I havent noticed the same problem on any other
list - and some of the lists have more subscribers than this list and
produce 2 - 3 times
as many message per day. It seems to be an amsat-bb related quirk. Any ideas
how to fix it would be great.

Paul KB5MU - I received your dated message here 3hr 41 minutes after you
sent it.
At times I have received the original message 10 - 12 hours after I received
the first
of many replies to that message. 3 - 4 hours is about normal for messages to
at my end. Other bigger lists take less than an hour most of the time and
email's sent
by others all over the world takeless than 1 - 2 minutes normally so I dont
think there
is a problem with my ISP.

Not bitching just mentioning what I have noticed this end. ( slow is better
than not at all )

Cheers Geoff VK3JDG

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