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Re: -bb pecking order Issued: 8-15-02 23:40:40Z

At 07:41 PM 8/15/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I am not sure to whom this should be addressed, so I'll post it and assume
>the proper person will respond. Direct would be fine if inappropriate for
>the -bb.
>I wonder what the pecking order is for the AMSAT -bb e-mail re-transmission
>Is it FIFO?
>Is it the period you have been signed up?
>Is it how much traffic you generate?

The mailing list is very large. The order is relatively unimportant.

Assume you are in the middle of the list, you could be closer to the beginning
or toward the end. Assume there are 1000 addresses on the list (there are 
many more).

You post a message. The list mailer begins sending it to the list. To send 
to the total
list may take 10-20 minutes, it may take longer. Say it takes 20.

Being in the middle of the list, you  will see the your posting in about 10 
minutes, but
someone at the beginning of the list will see it almost immediately. They 
may respond.
If they respond directly, (most people respond directly and 'may' copy the 
list) because
the return address of the message posted to the list is yours, not the 'lists'.

A direct response comes to you almost immediately. Therefore, there is at 
least a 10
minute window where you can get a response before 'you' see your posting on 
the list.

You must understand this. There is no way to change it. It is 'impossible' 
for a posting
to be mailed to the entire list simultaneously.

Hope this helps understand.

John - K9IJ


John Rice  K9IJ
Webmaster, Network Admin, Janitor

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