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Re: Voyager

At 09:22 PM 8/14/2002 -0700, Bob V Johnson wrote:
> Hello
>This link might have some interest for some of us.  I need a bigger dish.
>Seattle, Wa.
>"everything is a learning curve"

Thanks Bob,

Yes it does bring back memories!  Can it really be 25-years?  Last
September after attending Microwave Update in San Jose, I took  a trip down
to Barstow (and memory lane) and was the first person to have a tour of
Goldstone after "9/11".  Understandably, security was very tight and it was
probably the fact that I once worked there and had travelled so far that I
got in.  For those that don't know, Goldstone Tracking Facility is located
on Ft. Irwin Army Base, so you go thru two sets of security!

Much had changed, some stations shut down and complete new antennas.  Old
DSS-14, the 230-foot mate to the one shown in Canberra, was my last working
post.  Have fond memories of several missions: both Voyagers and both
Pioneers, Viking-1 Mars Lander, Mariner-10 Venus-Mercury,...

Sure was something to tune the S-band receiver with the Maser LNA of NF=4K.
 The gain of the then 210-foot dish was 64 dBi and the beamwidth was about
20 seconds of arc!  The dish was almost an acre in area...try keeping that
pointed in the wind!  

Yep, that would sure make the neighbors stand up and take notice ;-)

Goldstone 1971-1976, JPL 1976-1979
{the town of Bartsow had changed so much I had to ask directions to find my
old house!
kind of made one feel like the guy in the movie "Dish" returning after so
many years!}

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