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Re: Re: Now: Mnemonic and icon wanted - Was Re: Doppler'sFirstname?

John P. Toscano wrote:
> Margaret Leber wrote:
>>They called the kit the "Altair 8080"...
> Actually, if my memory serves me correctly, they called the kit the
> Altair 8800. 

I stand corrected. The chip was indeed the Intel 8080....weird enough 
becuase it's four-bit predecessor was the 4004. MITS' 6800-based machine 
was called the 680. Then they went 16-bit internally with 8088 (which 
would work with support chips designed for the 8085, and upgraded 8080) 
With the external data path unmultiplexed and 16-bits wide it was the 

I bet the old catalogs and stuff I have here are probably worth someting 
on eBay....including the binder handed out when the "MITS-MOBILE 
Computer Caravan" came to town. This consisted of a couple of geeks from 
MITS touring the country in an RV accompanied by a 16K demonstrator and 
a Teletype ASR-33, presenting a short course on the 8080 
archetecture...including an instruction set card labelled "Octal Program 
Set 8800".

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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