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Re: Re: Now: Mnemonic and icon wanted - Was Re: Doppler'sFirst name?

Margaret Leber wrote:

> They called the kit the "Altair 8080"...

Actually, if my memory serves me correctly, they called the kit the
Altair 8800.  I always thought that odd, since it used an 8080
processor, and I wondered why they came up with the 8800 name.

Back then, I was a struggling college student, and there was no way
I could afford one.  I did a lot of dreaming back in those days.  By
the time I actually had enough dollars in my pocket to buy my first
personal computer, the S-100's were well on their way out.  I managed
to get my employer to buy me a Heathkit H-88 for work (16 Kb of RAM,
2.048 MHz Z-80 CPU, and cassette tape I/O -- no floppies at first).
Shortly afterwards, I spent my own money on an aftermarket "clone" of
the Heathkit H89 that was very advanced for its time: 256 Kb of bank-
switched RAM, screaming 4.096 MHz Z-80A CPU, AM9511 hardware math
coprocessor, and a 200 Kb floppy disk drive.  It got upgraded many
times in many ways over the years.  It still works, though it seldom
gets its power switched flipped to the ON position any more.  It seems
that the 2.4 GHz Pentium-4 system with 512 Mb of RAM I'm using to type
these words holds some sort of extra attraction for me.  Imagine that?

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  I would have never imagined
that IMSAI's were still being built!

73 de KB0ZEV
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