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Re: Specifications for "F" connectors

At 03:22 PM 8/14/2002 -0400, FGERACI@dnr.state.md.us wrote:
>Anyone know the frequency specs for F style connectors. 
>Better / Worse than BNC ??
>Was thinking maybe to conver DC to BNC's.
>Francis  -  WB!FXX@amsat.org

Most (if not all) the surplus downconverters come with F-connectors on the
IF output.  They are common usage for VHF-UHF TV and on the satellite TV
LNB's output (950-1450 MHz).  Typical model use the solid copper center
wire as the pin.  Frankly, I would not worry about them for the high-level
output of these converters as they are mostly being used at 123-145 MHz for
AO-40.  There are better models and even a water-tight model that M2 uses
for their antenna balun connections up to 1.2 GHz (my 2m-eme antennas have

For weak signal UHF - microwave use they are junk, so I would not have them
on the input side on my equipment.  Too much trouble to worry about
replacing for the IFoutput.  As usual always tape them well for outside all
wx use.

Ed, AL7EB 

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