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Re: Specifications for "F" connectors

It depends. Some of them are very good, and some are very bad. At the 
broadcast facility where I work, we only use F connectors made by 
Canare. These have a separate center pin, body, and crimp sleeve, and 
are beautifully made....much better than some of the swap meet Type-N's 
I've seen! I think Canare rates them to 4GHz, but my catalog is at work. 
Some of the other F connectors I've seen (and replaced!) are absolutely 
terrible. These are generally the kind that have a fixed center pin that 
the center conductor of the coax just slips in to. There is no way to 
crimp the center conductor to this "pin", and it relies on a friction 
fit to hold the center conductor in place. We had quite a few problems 
with our in-house L-Band distribution system, and it was traced to the 
use of these CATV style connectors. As a general rule, I'd also avoid 
any F connector that uses the center conductor of the coax as a "Pin". I 
feel it's always better to spend the extra money on quality connectors.
73, Jim  KQ6EA

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