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Re: Tripped LEILA (was:Gettng on AO-40 - Uplink Antenna)

Frederick M. Spinner Said:
> Well, I've tripped LEILA with 50W out and a WA5VJB Cheap Yagi (11 ele
> polarized), so I think you'll be fine.  True I had a VERY short cable run
> (like 10 ft at the time)...

Tripping LEILA is a variable occasion, depending on both Satellite Height
(Distance) and Squint angle.
Last nite, while having a QSO with Roy - VE7BPB, I have to reduce my power
to the minimal (2 watt) not to upset LEILA.
But on another occasion, even at the fullest 50 watt, I can barely heard my
echo (especially when the Sat on Apogee with bad Squint > 35).
I am using a W0LMD 435Mhz Patch on my 12 feet dish, with about 60 feet 9913.

Reinhard - YB0KTQ
Grid: OI33lt

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