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Re: Gettng on AO-40 - Uplink Antenna

Hi Mike,

I would suggest that you go with the circular polarized antenna, because at
high squint angles, I find that the guys using linear polarization on the
uplink have much deeper fading than the folks using circular. It makes it
much easier to have a conversation, even if the signal is weak, when the
fading is reduced.

I've been using circular yagis since AO-10 and I think I can count on the
fingers of one hand the number of times I found it usefull to switch
polarizations. I don't even hook up the switch anymore.

Yagi gain has everything to do with boom length, not number of elements, so,
the longer the better. I agree that the M2 antennas have honest
specifications. I've been using them for years and have no complaints.

50 watts, with a good circular yagi will give you all the signal you need
for AO-40. You'll be turning it down most of the time, hi...



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